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Instructional Design

I have been enjoying my exploration of Articulate Storyline2 (AS2). I first used a free trial version for an assignment in my graduate studies. Through the University of Wisconsin-Stout, students were allowed to purchase AS2 at a discounted rate. After researching authoring tools and finding that AS2 is widely used throughout the industry, I felt it would be a great purchase so I could learn how to use more of the functions available and familiarize myself with its capabilities.  I have been using AS2 since August 2016, and therefore have limited experience with it, but am quite proud of what I have accomplished in such a short amount of time.

The Moodle Courses link will take you to the AS2 projects I have completed.

Username: leapsguest

Password: Designer (this password will be changed monthly)

I highly recommend checking out my Licensing Quiz Time. This is my most recent creation in which I really challenged myself to learn and understand variables and how to incorporate them into the design.

Other Content with Moodle Courses

The other courses in my Moodle Site include filing CertainTeed Claims and a Credit Card simulation.  Below are the sections of the Trainee's Guide for completing these portions of the training.

Trainee Guides:                                                                                                 Faciliatotor's Guide:

The final course in the Instructional Design Certificate program was Program Management. We were randomly assigned to teams. Within the teams, we had to select a Project Manager for the duration of the course and my group members unanimously selected me based on the first impression of my organizational skills. As a team, we developed this Facilitator's Guide.

Samples of My Work